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Our Story

We are a group of 6th-12th graders who seek to serve God and others through service and activities. UYM provides a place where students can belong, are challenged to grow in their faith, discover who they are in Christ, and serve alongside one another 
Our goal is for young people to establish a faith they can call their own and grow in their relationship with God. We strive to fulfill this goal through monthly devotionals, retreats, activities, service projects, and much more. We would love to have you join us for any activity.
We're convinced there's nothing more exciting or satisfying than following Jesus every day of our lives. We want teenagers to experience the peace, purpose, and joy that comes from being forgiven and set free to love God and serve him with all their hearts.
We want to help you grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and socially so you can be the person God knows you can be. Come visit us and grow in your own spiritual walk alongside other teenagers who love God and others!

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The Month's Events

Lunch at ACA
Lads to Leaders
Winter Concert
Lunch at ACA
UYM Christmas Party
SOAR 2023
EYC 2022
ACA Basketball
EYC 2022
EYC 2022
Youth Day @ Sylvan Springs
SOAR 2023
UYM Serve Day





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