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Sermon Audio (MP3s)

5/17 AM: 'Principles For Powerful Living' Randy Medlin

5/17 PM: 'Wake-up Call No. 3 (You Know You're Being Seduced When Your Glory Is More Important To You Than God's Glory)' Randy Medlin

5/10 AM: 'The Words Of Our Mouth' Art Williams

5/10 PM: 'There is only 1 God' Paul Spurlin

5/3 AM: 'Salvation is Free, It's Not Cheap' Randy Medlin

5/3 PM: 'Wake Up Call No. 4 (#2)' Randy Medlin

4/19 AM: Guest Speaker - Ben Bruce

4/19 PM: Guest Speaker - Scott Gleaves

4/12 AM: 'When Duties Become Desires' Randy Medlin

4/12 PM: 'Wake-up Call No. 2 (When God's Commands Seem Out of Touch)' Randy Medlin

4/5 AM: 'You Are God's Child Or Could Be' Randy Medlin

4/5 PM: 'Wake-up Call No. 2' Randy Medlin

3/29 AM: 'When A Strong Family Goes To Church' Randy Medlin

3/15 AM: 'Creating A Calm Heart' Randy Medlin

3/15 PM: 'Wake-up Call No. 1 (#2)' Randy Medlin

3/8 AM: 'Proclamations of Pentecost' Randy Medlin

3/8 PM: 'Wake-up Call No. 1 (When Sin Seems Like a Good Idea)'
Randy Medlin

3/3 PM: Faulkner University Chorus

3/3 PM: Jeff Jenkins

3/2 PM: 'The iCulture - Capture the Vision of Holiness' Bill Watkins

3/1 AM: 'Giving To God Your Best!' Randy Medlin

3/1 PM: 'The iCulture - Pursue Holiness' Kelvin Teamer

2/22 AM: 'When The Last Curtain Falls...' Randy Medlin

2/22 PM: 'Life's Most Fantastic Promise' Randy Medlin

2/15 AM: 'Growing Deeper Through Discipleship' Randy Medlin

2/15 PM: 'We Have Met the Enemy - part 2' Randy Medlin

2/8 AM: 'Five Dangerous Proverbs' Randy Medlin

2/8 PM: 'We Have Met the Enemy - part 1' Randy Medlin

2/1 AM: 'The Heart of the Problem' Randy Medlin

2/1 PM: 'The Parable of the Hearts' Randy Medlin






3/1-3/5:  Faulkner Lectureships

3/6-3/7: Faulkner Jamboree



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