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Sermon Audio (MP3)
8/23/15 AM Courageous Hearts Randy Medlin
8/23/15 PM The Ultimate Transformation Randy Medlin
8/16/15 AM More Than Conquerors Randy Medlin
8/16/15 PM Taking a Stand for Your Family Randy Medlin
8/9/15 AM Winning Over Worry Randy Medlin
8/9/15 PM Practical Points of Self-Esteem Randy Medlin
8/2/15 AM The Silence of The Scriptures Randy Medlin
8/2/15 PM How to Enjoy the Party Randy Medlin
7/26/15 AM Saints in Caesar's Household Randy Medlin
7/26/15 PM Wake-up Call No. 10 Randy Medlin
7/19/15 AM Hearts of Integrity Randy Medlin
7/19/15 PM Wake-up Call No. 7 Part 2 Randy Medlin
7/12/15 AM: Aces Randy Medlin
7/12/15 PM: Wake-up Call No. 7 Part 1 Randy Medlin
7/05/15 AM: When You Read You May Understand Randy Medlin
7/05/15 PM: Wake-up Call No.5 Part 2 Randy Medlin
6/24/15 PM VBS Todd Brenneman
6/23/15 PM VBS Sam Long
6/22/15 PM VBS Cecil May
6/21/15 AM: How to Handle Trouble Randy Medlin
6/21/15 PM: A New Heart for an Old Work Randy Medlin
6/14/15 AM: The Church Was Strengthened and Encouraged Randy Medlin
6/14/15 PM: Wake-up Call No. 6 Part 2 Randy Medlin
6/07/15 AM: Lessons From the Eunich Randy Medlin
6/07/15 PM: Wake-up Call No. 6 Part 1 Randy Medlin
5/31/15 AM: Faulkner University President Billy Hilyer
5/31/15 PM: The Operation Was a Success But the Patient Died Randy Medlin


This week's heart verse:

Psalm 13:5 (ESV): "But I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation."  What a beautiful verse!  Don't forget that this Sunday night, August 28, we will have our Fifth Sunday Singing service followed by a "Welcome Back" congregational fellowship for our college students. 


















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